Fortnite Telescope Locations: Where To Go To Destroy a Telescope?

The following is a checklist of video game boards of the Parker Brothers/Hasbro parlor game Monopoly adhering to a specific theme or particular area in the USA. Checklists for other areas can be discovered right here. The game is licensed in 103 countries as well as published in 37 languages.

If you want to destroy a telescope, a TV and a telephone mast in Fortnite, we have the information you need

(Credit: Epic Games)

We received a great challenge this week (pun in the senses), which is about finding a fortnite telescope and destroying it with a TV and a telephone mast. The two latter items are generally found everywhere, but if you try to master the challenges between Fortnite Cameo and Chic, you may need help with the detriment of the hard-faible eyepieces. If you did not investigate the Fortnite Island to the smallest detail, you may never have seen any of these observation instruments, as there are only a few, but we have a number of Fortnite telescopic sites that will help you on your way. We also have tips where you can find Fortnite TVs and telephone masts if you have problems to track them.

Fortnite Telescope locations

We have marked six of the Fortnite Telescope sites we have found on the map. This should hopefully be enough to help you find and destroy this challenge. They are quite easy to see as soon as they arrived in the specified areas. However, if you need more detailed information about where the fornite telescopes are located, read the following descriptions:

  • D1 - out of a bush in the northwest of the small island
  • E1 - On the balcony of the hut in the southeast of the small island
  • B5 - top in the house of Holly Hedges in the southeast
  • B7 - west of Slurpy Swamp on a shipping container
  • F6 - on the balcony deck of the northwestern Lazy Lake house
  • F6 - on the roof of the southeastern Lazy Lake house

Fortnite Television locations

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Fortnite TVs are available in abundance and are in many houses distributed throughout the island. If you still have problems to find one that you can destroy, go to one of the places mentioned and go through the houses until you find one:

  • Holly hedges
  • Lazy Lake
  • Misty Meadows
  • Pleasant park
  • Shopping series
  • Salty sources

Fortnite phone metrics

You will find Fortnite phone masts along many streets that cross the card (see picture above). Just drive onto a highway and follow her a short distance. There should always be a pole to smash.


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